Environmental & Water Management

Arid and semi-arid climate of Iran and also uneven distribution of water resources in the country necessitates optimum consumption of water resources. Main fields of activities of this department include: feasibility studies, detailed design and supervision on construction of water resources projects, dam structure, irrigation and drainage schemes, river engineering, flood control, etc. So far Over 60 projects have been completed by this department. This department consists of five teams:

  • Dam Engineering

  • Irrigation and Drainage

  • River Engineering

  • Environmental Studies

  • Agriculture

In this section, engineers apply the knowledge of geology, geotechnical, meteorology, hydrology, hydraulics, civil, structure, electrical and mechanical engineering for dam studies.

So far this division has provided engineering services for 40 dam projects including:

  • Phases I & II studies and supervision on construction of Joghan Dam
  • Phases I & II studies and supervision on construction of Aghbolaq Dam
  • Phases I & II studies – Anbaran Dam
  • Phase I studies – Khajeh Yar Dam in Khaf
  • Phase I studies – Arabshah Garoos Dam in Takab
  • Phases I & II studies- Ghaleh Ganj in Kerman
  • Phase I & II studies- Zavieh Kord Dam
  • Feasibility studies on construction of pump-storage dams in Hormozgan and Kerman provinces in Iran.


Studying, designing and supervision on construction for irrigation and drainage schemes, and drainage of urban structures and underground structures are among the activities of this team. The main tasks of elements for this team are: state-of-the-art design of irrigation and water conveyance systems, environmental impact assessment, hydraulic structures, social studies and GIS. The major fields of activities of this team are:

  • Water conveyance and supply
  • Rehabilitation and development of Irrigation Schemes
  • Flood Control
  • Design & supervision on construction of drainage networks & systems


Projects Include:

  • Phases I & II studies and supervision on construction of irrigation and drainage network – Aghbolaq in Varzaghan
  • Phases I & II studies and supervision on construction of irrigation and drainage network- Dust Ali in Mahabad
  • Phase I studies for irrigation and drainage network- Zavieh Kord, Joghan, Anbaran, Ivriq
  • Collection and drainage of runoff in Sufian Cement Plant


In this section, studies are carried out to address flood management and control, biological issues and land uses in bed, banks & floodplains of rivers.

River restoration, training & right-of-way delineation studies are undertaken to increase socioeconomic benefits of rivers, to stabilize river bed & banks, to create recreation sites & improve aesthetical factors, and to better use & exploit river materials such as sands & gravel resources.

Some of projects & studies finalized by this team are:

  • Zanjanrood River restoration within Zanjan City limits
  • River materials potential estimation study in Zanjanrood River and its upstream tributaries
  • Phases I feasibility study for Zanjanrood River upstream tributaries management & training
  • Complementary studies for delineation of right-of-way for Zanjanrood River & Hassan-abdal tributary
  • Reconnaissance phase in comprehensive study for optimum use of land & water resource along Symereh & Jazman River in Halilan plain in Ilam.
  • Flood control studies in Soufian cement factories basins.
  • Flood control & management along Tabriz Metro Line II
  • Studies for delineation of Zohreh & Kheirabad River right-of-way in Hendijan


In  this section, environmental impact studies have been carried out for more than 40 dams, irrigation & drainage, and river engineering projects.

P.O.R Consulting Engineers provides agricultural consulting on a wide variety of agricultural projects to all levels of agro-businesses, farmers, government and related organizations to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to agricultural and environmental issues.

The Agriculture Division of P.O.R Consulting Engineers has expertise in:

  • Development of Plans and Strategies
  • Land Use Inventory and Data Collection
  • Farm Business Planning and Assessment
  • Soil Assessment and Fertility Recommendations
  • Fisheries Development
  • Agro-industry Development
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Mapping & GIS
  • Social Research and Water User Group Studies
  • Irrigation Rehabilitation and Development


Experiences include:

  • Study on the Development of Orchards in Sloping Lands in Maku Region
  • Social and Water User Group Studies of Aghbolagh Irrigation Network
  • Soil Assessment Studies of Doostali Irrigation Network
  • Study of Aquaculture Potentials in East Azerbaijan Province