Integrated Management System Policy

Pazhoohesh Omran Rahvar Engineering Company is one of the consulting organizations in the field of Tunnel and Underground spaces, Geotechnics and Deep Excavation, Water and Environment, Road and Railway, Buildings and architecture in Iran. P.O.R seeks to offer services to meet and exceed client’s expectation whilst observing the professional ethics. In this regard, the company commits to:

  • Continues improvement of the company’s process and activities
  • Follow Quality Management System Requirements
  • Observe safety, occupational health and environmental issues
  • Manage the Staff mutual trust and respect
  • Modify the implementation of the procedures and studies
  • Provide appropriate and convenient work environment
  • Observe the legal requirements, prevent accidents in working sites and eliminates the risk of such situations risky which may result in occupational injuries or diseases and environmental pollution

The managing director of the company, under guidance of the company Board of Directors, provide the required resources to maintain and to improve the Integrated Management System and carry out the correct implementation of procedures and ensures the efficient functioning of the whole company.