Structures, Buildings & Architecture

Activities of the experts in this department include design and supervision on construction of structural and architectural projects such as residential buildings, offices, trade centers and industrial structures as well as retrofitting of existing buildings.

This department consists of three sections:

  • Structures / Architecture

  • Retrofitting

  • Special Structures

Optimum design of structures in regard to materials, energy consumption and life of the structures is one of the key activities practiced by the experts in this department.

The most important projects in this section include:

  • Structural Design, construction and supervision on Construction of Export & Development Bank in In Isfahan, Arak, Sari And Zanjan
  • Design and supervision on construction of a 5-storey building on North-East of Vali-asr – Enghelab  junction
  • Design and supervision on construction of residential buildings (1’040 unit)
  • Design and supervision on construction of Jasor Factory in Tabriz
  • Design of residential building in Tabriz for Azad University
  • Supervision on construction of four commercial and residential buildings of Baran Complex in Tehran
  • Design and supervision services for Marzdaran Hotel in Tehran


This section offers services to retrofit the existing buildings based on the earthquake spectrum and the required target for the building to reach the satisfactory level of performance and operation. The expected performance level for structures is defined based on many factors such as age of the building, importance, urban location and economic issues. Moreover, the activity of this section involves geotechnical works, non-destructive testing and test of strength of material.

Projects completed by this section are:

  • Services for retrofitting of 13 hospital buildings in Tehran
  • Retrofitting tests in Zarand Railway Station in Kerman, Kerman Schools, Central Railway Station in Tehran and seven bridges in Tehran.

  • Design of Danon-Sahar plant – Ghazvin
  • Design of a 17-storey building on top of N7 metro station
  • Design of a 5-storey trade center on top of Amirkabir tunnel
  • Design and supervision of cut and cover tunnel with 3-storey car park as part of Amirkabir tunnel