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Consulting Engineers Company

Pazhoohesh Omran Rahvar

Pazhoohesh Omran Rahvar (P.O.R.) Consulting Engineers Company was established in 1999 by a group of expert engineers to represent high qualified consulting services in different fields of civil engineering.

Employing novel technological service and applying contemporary knowledge in projects as well as improvement of technological service are among the high priorities for managing board of this company. Applying new methods and benefiting experienced members, makes this group one of the most successful Iranian consulting companies.


Chitgar Flood Collecting Pipelines and Detention Basin

Chitgar Flood Detention Basin is located south of Lake Chitgar (Shohadaaye Khalij-e-Fars) in north of Chitgar Park. The basin receives and controls surface runoffs and floods from Tehran west area and catchments overlooking to Lake Chitgar through tweo concrete pipelines (B1 and B2). Considering big volume and high discharge of...

Vali-e-Asr Junction Underpass

Traffic characteristics of project's location: junction of Vali-e-Asr st. & Enghleb st. which are the longest streets of Tehran in North-south and east-west directions with 5’900 vehicle/hr., 260 bus/hr. and 14’500 person/hr. Main reasons for construction of an underpass: Construction of a bridge was not possible since it could have...

Hakim Tunnel

Hakim highway is one of the most important highways connecting east to west of Tehran. Hakim Tunnel is located on south of Chitgar Lake at west part of Hakim highway and underpasses  Chitgar Park. Hakim highway is one of the most important highways connecting east to west of Tehran. Hakim Tunnel...

Niayesh Road Tunnel

This project is located in northwest of Tehran which connects Niayesh highway to Sadr highway. 6.6 km long Niayesh tunnel is the longest urban tunnel in the Middle East which is excavated by NATM method. Typical width of the tunnel is 20m which increases to 30 m in some sections....